Workshop report: “DSI meets USZ”

Combining the DSI and USZ expertise to tackle the digital transformation of healthcare

How to analyze text data from patient records? How to gain the trust of patients and potential donors of electronic health data to drive meaningful improvements in healthcare? How to implement virtual reality tools in a routine healthcare setting? Ten scientists from the Health Community of the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) presented their methodological skills and ongoing projects to an audience of researchers and staff members of the University Hospitals. The workshop’s mission was to bring the two communities closer and to foster collaborations.

The workshop featured discussions on various aspects of healthcare innovation and artificial intelligence in patient data processing. Topics included ethical challenges, principles for public trust in health data sharing, and a user-centered approach for personalized diabetes management. Stakeholder knowledge and implementation context were emphasized for successful innovation, and a vision for next-generation health studies integrating wearables and speech-to-text technologies was presented. The closing remarks expressed gratitude to collaborators and highlighted ongoing efforts in shaping collaborations within the DSI Health Community.

The DSI communities welcome new members and collaborations. So please join us in our endeavor to advance healthcare through digital transformation and collaborative efforts.