Open positions

Postdoc Positions

There are currently no open postdoc positions.

PhD Positions

There are currently no open PhD positions.

Bachelor and Master Projects

If you are an enthusiastic Master’s student with a keen interest in Medical Knowledge and Decision Support, please do not hesitate to reach out!
We currently have openings for master theses in the topics of:

  1. Qualitative research to investigate the experience of general practitioners with digital tools
  2. The use of open-source language models for extracting information automatically from the published medical literature 
  3. The exploration of approaches to automate decision support recommendations using machine learning
  4. The assessment of clinicians’ understanding of interpretability approaches in artificial intelligence decision support
  5. The exploration of the integration of Language Model Models (LLMs) in nursing’s medical reporting, with a focus on supported living areas (in cooperation with ViaCommuna)