Now published: Edited Collection on Artificial General Intelligence

Delighted to report that the special issue collection of essays on Artificial General Intelligence that Janna guest edited for the journal Cosmos + Taxis has now been published. Read the open access collection at: and Janna’s editorial at

Artificial General Intelligence is a topic that is regularly in the news, with the accompanying debates being increasingly relevant as computational systems become better at simulating human performance in a wide range of tasks and modalities and are deployed into more and more aspects of our daily lives.

This collection is motivated by and responds to the book Why Machines Will Never Rule The World: Artificial Intelligence Without Fear, by Barry Smith and Jobst Landgrebe, who argue based on a variety of mathematical and philosophical considerations that genuine intelligence will never be manifested in digital computers. The response essays in this collection engage with, tackle and extend the arguments presented by Landgrebe and Smith, and provide a deep and broad discussion of the current AI era in the context of the quest for AGI.

I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did. Thanks to all the contributors, including William Rapaport, Jonathan Simon, Stefan Schulz, Emanuele Martinelli, Ragnar Fjelland, Robert West, Kirill Krinkin, Jana Sedlakova, Maria Hedblom, Jobst Landgrebe, and Barry Smith.

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